How to Build a Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse may not be as difficult as it sounds. With a bit of research and education even an amateur builder can build their own greenhouse. It may take some time to learn the process and to gather the proper materials and tools; however, anyone who is willing to put in the labor will be able to build a greenhouse that they can be proud of. There are a few things to consider before you start the process of building your greenhouse.
How to Build a Greenhouse

The first item to consider is the type of lumber and the size of lumber that is right for your greenhouse. Experienced builders usually know exactly which type of wood is appropriate for each project. Novice builders may have to put in extra time to discover the type of wood/lumber that they should use. Many do-it-yourself superstrores have experienced staff members who are available to help amateur builders. You may be able to glean all the information you need by talking to them. If not, do a little research on line or in building books.

The next item to consider is location. The old real estate adage, "Location! Location! Location!" is very applicable to greenhouses. You should calculate very carefully the proper location for your greenhouses. Be sure to pick a location for your greenhouse where it will get a lot of winter sun. In the summer it does not need to receive direct sunlight. Location is still important but even if it is in a location which recives indirect sunlight it will probably be enough light for your plants to thrive. During the dark months of winter it is very important, for the health of your plants, that the greenhouse is in a location that receives the sun.

The third item to consider is the size of the greenhouse. Greenhouses range in size from very small to extremely large. Your purposes will determine the size of greenhouse which you build. For example, if you pursue greenhouse gardening as a hobby a small greenhouse should suit your purposes. On the other hand, if you plan to become a commercial grower you will need a much larger greenhouse. Large greenhouses enable you to grow more plants at once and give you room to circulate the plants around when needed.

By following these tips you will have an easier time building your greenhouse and a better finished product. When you do decide to build a greenhouse make sure to consult with an expert for any part of the process with which you are not comfortable. There are also many websites and greenhouse building books available to help you in your building process.

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