Nuclear Scientist believes the existence of UFO

Nuclear Scientist believes the existence of UFO:A half century after the investigation, a nuclear physics scientist who once worked on fusion and vision rockets stated that UFO is truly exist and the government of USA has known about this since 1974.

“Some UFOs space shuttle ships which are controlled smartly from the earth.,” said Stanton Friedman to AOL News who uncovered that the efforts to hide UFOs as the biggest story along the millennium.

Friedman had worked for 14 years as a nuclear physic expert for some companies such General Electric, General Motor, Westinghouse dan Aerojet General Nucleonic, in which he was in a high level program including nuclear space ship and fusion and vision rockets.

In 1958, the existence of UFO already attracted people attentions. Then, Friedman learnt all the material and collaborated with more than 700 academicians and professionals from 50 countries in the world.

“53 years after doing some investigation, I am sure that we are dealing with Cosmic Watergate,” he said, as reported by AOL News. “This means that only few people in the government knew that since, some UFO were appeared in the form of space shuttle ship.”

In Friedman’s latest book, Science Was Wrong, it was written, “There was no mistake of negative statement from the pro and contrast or even one who denied the evidence which supported some statements that several UFOs came from outer space.”

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